Vote Today ... For DJ Pauly D For 'Sexiest Man Alive' (On Facebook)!

By Jenny McCoy

Today is Election Day, which means it's time for your voice to be heard. And once you've gotten out to weigh in on who will represent you in Congress, be sure to cast your vote in a new poll on People magazine's Facebook page: The Sexiest Man Alive (On Facebook).

Yes, this year, in addition to their annual search for the Sexiest Man Alive (which honors the Johnny Depps and Matt Damons of the world for their exquisitely rendered hotness), the magazine is also turning to the Internet to search for the sexiest man on Facebook. Your five digital choices are Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, action star Vin Diesel, sultry Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias, pro football player turned actor Isaiah Mustafa and, most importantly, "Jersey Shore" star DJ Pauly D. These men were chosen based on two pieces of criteria: general sexiness and social media prowess.

As MTV News' social media manager, you can only imagine how excited I am that social media skills now account for 50 percent of these guys' overall sexiness score. I just sent a tweet and I'm going to send about 50 more throughout the day. Do you know how sexy I'm going to be when I leave the office? Or by next month? Next year? It's crazy!

But back to the poll, as a member of the MTV family, DJ Pauly D obviously gets our electronic vote, and we’d like to encourage you to give him yours as well. Not sure that Pauly D is your choice? Let us give you a little more to go on. You'll notice that each of those other four candidates possess wealth, talent and lots of women lusting after them. However, Pauly D takes the latter up an extra notch, as not only does he have a lot of admirers but he has also taken the time to indulge a quite a few of them. And circling back to social media prowess, two-way engagement is really what it's all about. So make your voice heard!