'Conan' Gives A Brief Glimpse Of The Future With 'Show Zero'

Ever since he left "The Tonight Show" back in January, Conan O'Brien has masterfully harnessed the power of the Internet. He launched a Twitter account that quickly became one of the best in the site's history, promoted his tour and set up a site for his new show that is a tremendous place for Internet comedy (which included a 24-hour broadcast from the show's new offices). On Monday night (November 1), O'Brien presented "Show Zero," a show that was initially presented as a dry run for the premiere of "Conan" on TBS next Monday night (November 8th) at 11 p.m. Eastern.

The results were extra dry. The broadcast, streamed live online via the site, was an extra speedy run through a fake show. It only lasted five minutes, and ended up building into a phenomenal meta-joke that only served to build up the buzz about Conan's return to late night TV next week.

It began with an explanation from O'Brien. "Things on the Internet have to be fast," he explained. "So we're going to do the fastest talk show ever." From there, it was a speedy blitz of entertainment, beginning with an introduction by Andy Richter and a single member of the band playing the flute. From the confines of the conference room at the show's studio, Conan delivered a single monologue joke (something about Caster Semenya and Facebook) and quickly welcomed the show's only guest in "Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons (though their interview consisted of an introduction and a plug). Conan then threw to musical guest Steel Train, who came in, set up, played one chord and left.

The show ended with the dancing taco (who has made multiple appearances online and could become a permanent part of the show) and a stream of credits. All told, it was an amusing blast of comedy that finally set the stage for the premiere of "Conan" next week.

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