Enrique Iglesias' 'Tonight' Makes An Offer No Woman Can Refuse

The idea of Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris teaming up for a new single is enough to perk our ears up, but the content of "Tonight" has got the MTV Newsroom buzzing. The track (not to be confused with more PG songs of the same name from the Jonas Brothers or New Kids on the Block), has the singer telling his lady love one thing: "Tonight I'm f---ing you." It's a line that probably even made the typically blue-working Ludacris blush a little bit.

The track is club-ready, which means that Iglesias croons that line no less than 1,000 times over the course of the song. (Note: These calculations may not be entirely accurate.) And while the song seems almost too funny to be real, it had every man, woman and child (OK, no kids actually work here) of MTV News blushing. Everyone here had to listen to the song's incredibly catchy chorus a few times to make sure that Enrique was actually being that forward — and then found themselves singing along inappropriately merely seconds later.

Sure, on "I Like It," he teased us with his Casanova ways with lines like "Girl please excuse me If I'm coming too strong/ But tonight is the night/ We can really let go/ My girlfriend is out of town/ And I'm all alone/ Your boyfriend is on vacation/ And he doesn't have to know," but this is a man who romantically made love to Jennifer Love Hewitt on top of a pile of stolen cash in his legendarily epic video for "Hero." He's not a love'em and leave'em kind of guy. He's Enrique!

And yet, the approach has proved to be hugely effective (at least musically). Every few seconds, somebody here in the MTV Newsroom will sing the chorus to him- or herself, not even realizing that it probably shouldn't be popping up in the middle of a meeting. (Yeah, it's just that catchy.) And for that we commend Enrique for being so bold and saying what we all (well, most of us) have been wishing he'd say to us for years. Between Enrique, Kanye and Cee-Lo, the most popular songs in the MTV Newsroom have also been the dirtiest.

So give the song a listen and let us know if you're just as surprised by and enamored of it as we are!