The 'Dancing With The Stars' Situation: Brandy Dominates During 200th Episode Celebration

First thing's first: Did anybody else realize that "Dancing With the Stars" had reached its 200th episode? Sure, it's a bit of a cheat because they air two episodes a week, but even then, the show has still managed to reach the much-coveted 100 episode status, a sure sign of a classic in the old days of television. (100 episodes used to be the plateau at which you could sell your show into syndication, but nowadays it only takes a few dozen.) It's crazy to think that the show has been around for as long as it has and still seems relatively fresh, which is a testament to the producers' ability to get together a great cross-section of personalities each time a new season starts.

That being said, the current season of "Dancing With the Stars" has felt more than a little flat, and that didn't improve a bit during Monday night's (November 1) episode. In fact, the return of some former champions reminded everybody that, like most reality competitions on television, "Dancing With the Stars" has seen better days.

Still, that didn't stop new front runner Brandy from taking the evening's highest score with a relatively flawless display of technical mastery and style (and even though one of the judges called her out for an invisible mistake, he didn't even dock her a point). Meanwhile, the show rolled on with a narrative as to why Jennifer Grey had been slipping up as of late (between her age and the fact that she is recovering from cancer, her endurance is not what it used to be). That brought on the quote of the year from her partner: "It's OK — it's just a dance show." How cutthroat!

Elsewhere on the show, Rick Fox and Kurt Warner both hung in there, though neither one seems primed to make a move on the finals (Fox seems to have a slight edge in that department). Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin continue to bring up the rear (expect one of them — probably Massey — to get the boot tonight). With 200 down and no signs of slowing, who is up for another 200?

Who do you think should be eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars" this week? Let us know in the comments!