Will Taylor Swift's Speak Now Sell One Million Copies?

Last Monday (October 25), Taylor Swift released her third and most accomplished album Speak Now, which features 14 deeply personal songs about relationships both super private ("Sparks Fly") and extremely public ("Dear John," "Back to December"). Not only has Speak Now become Swift's best-reviewed album, but it also might be on its way to becoming her most commercially successful. While her previous album Fearless has moved over six million copies since its release in 2008, it sold 592,000 copies in its opening week. That's not a bad number, but it isn't the once-common, now-seemingly-impossible one million sold in a single week. Back when sales were more robust and a handful of pop stars ruled the world, the seven figures in seven days feat was a little more attainable (heck, *NSYNC once sold over two million in a week). These days, it's seemingly impossible (the last album to do it was Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III in 2008), but Swift could be the one to do it.

Speak Now might just have the right combination of criteria to score a million copies in a week. It has been several years since her last album, she has a big single in "Mine," she appeals to many different fans of different genres and, perhaps most importantly, she has kept her name in the news for the past few weeks. Between live performances on morning shows and revelations about the subjects of the songs (especially "Dear John," her recap of her romantic run-in with former collaborator John Mayer), Swift has been everywhere promoting the album. It's a big push, but is it enough for a seven figure score?

With the numbers slowly trickling in (we won't know final numbers until Tuesday night — just like with the election!), we leave the decision to you. Just how many copies will Taylor Swift be moving when all the numbers have been counted? Vote in the poll below and leave your arguments in the comments!