Corin Tucker Doesn't Know What's Next

If you happen to be in the Washington, D.C. area on Friday night (October 29), you'll have the last opportunity to catch the supremely excellent Corin Tucker Band live in concert for the time being (unless you live in Japan, where you'll have three chances to catch them on a short jaunt after Thanksgiving). The band, lead by former Sleater-Kinney singer/guitarist Corin Tucker, has been on the road for the past few weeks in support of 1,000 Years, the first recordings Tucker has made since the last Sleater-Kinney album in 2005. The shows have been tremendously dynamic affairs, full of ragged guitar crunch and moments of disarmingly simple beauty, mainly centered around Tucker's exquisite voice.

So with the album out and the road trip basically complete, what's next for Tucker? When MTV News asked her about what's next, she stuck her fingers in her ears like she didn't want to deal with the question. "My booking agent actually just called me and said, 'So, what's next?'" she laughed. "I just can't think that way. All I know is we're playing on Friday, then I'm back to taking the kids to school on Monday."

Tucker did note that she has profoundly enjoyed her time on the road and working with the band on 1,000 Years, which is why this experience begs the question: How close are we to her old band getting back together?


As Tucker noted, both of her former bandmates — fellow singer/guitarist Carrie Brownstein and drummer Janet Weiss — have been busy with other productive projects. Brownstein was the longtime writer of a music blog for National Public Radio and is also writing a book called "The Sound of Where You Are." She also has a new band called Wild Flag (which also features Weiss) and has a sketch comedy show called "Portlandia" coming to the Independent Film Channel in January. In addition to Wild Flag, Weiss has been working as a drummer with a number of different groups, including Bright Eyes (and other variations of Conor Oberst's band), Stephen Malkmus' the Jicks and her longtime side project Quasi. And while all of those projects have been uniformly excellent and exciting, it will be good to have the ladies of Sleater-Kinney back together when they do decide it's time.