Nicki Minaj Looked At Nude Girls With Kanye West: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I had this conversation, 'Kanye West is gonna hate me.' [But] I met him and it was, 'Oh, come here, I want you to look at these naked girls.' Kanye West is everything that I didn't think he was, and a genius."

-Buzz-building rap star Nicki Minaj, chatting about the greatness of Kanye West during a conversation with Sway on "RapFix Live." Though Minaj is a protegé of Lil Wayne, she has been working with West an awful lot as of late. She will be appearing on two of the tracks on West's upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and also provided the opening narration for West's recently-premiered short film "Runaway." Still, when they first met, she was convinced that he wouldn't take her seriously. But she misread him and found him to be brilliant on many different levels.

"He doesn't limit himself," Minaj explained. "I heard him say the other day, not in these words, 'I'm not doing this for the masses, I'm not doing this for mainstream, you have to come to me, come get this art if you want it.' I think that's important for all artists to feel that way — we make so many changes because we want to please everybody. But at the end of the day, you can't please everybody."

West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will be hitting stores on November 22, the same day that Minaj's debut LP Pink Friday gets unleashed to the masses. There will be a healthy competition between the two of them on the charts, as each of their releases have a tremendous amount of heat surrounding them.