The 'Saw 3D' Playlist: Prepare For The End With Linkin Park, Mudvayne And Dir En Grey

It's Halloween weekend, which means you can count on a few things. People will be dressed as Lady Gaga, at least one person at the party your at will have sexualized a costume inappropriately (last year, it seemed like everybody was dressed as the slutty version of Hermione from "Harry Potter") and people will be standing around the block to get into their local cinema to see the latest batch of gore in the "Saw" series. The seventh film in the franchise, "Saw 3D," is sure to dominate the weekend with a fresh batch of buzzsaws, psychological trauma and three-dimensional splatter.

Amazingly, "Saw" has become such a dominant franchise that other movies are scared to open against it. If you're not into in-your-face dismemberment, your only other options at the movies are a handful of limited-release options like "Monsters," "Welcome to the Rileys" and "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" (though if you're seriously in the mood for a scare, you could catch up with "Paranormal Activity 2" or just pick up "Mirrors 2" on Blu-ray).

In order to properly prepare yourself for "Saw 3D," it's time to fire up the playlist below. It's chock full of balls-to-the-wall metal that focuses on murder (30 Seconds to Mars' "The Kill," Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill a Man"), traps (Vincent Minor's "The Trap," No Doubt's "Trapped in a Box") and the character behind the horror (Radiohead's "Jigsaw"). There is also a healthy dose of songs from past soundtracks (including Mudvayne's "Forget to Remember") and the opening track: Linkin Park's "Waiting for the End." It works on two levels, as not only does it deal with the franchise's end but Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington also gets killed in the film.