Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber To Dominate Halloween 2010

For people who take Halloween really seriously, costume choices can be something of a mine field. Some people stick to the old favorites (vampires, clowns, slutty insects), but the truly bold go for something that captures the zeitgeist. Sure, your Christine O'Donnell-as-a-witch costume might not make any sense a year from now (nor will anybody remember who Christine O'Donnell is), but since Halloween comes around every year, you can afford to be as topical as you like.

This year, there are a handful of key costumes that will be dominating the parties, parades and apple bobs around the country, and many of them happen to be in the MTV universe. Expect a ton of people to be dressed as cast members from MTV's hit reality show "Jersey Shore" (just like the MTV News staff and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco). You can also count on plenty of people masquerading as Lady Gaga (with many costume stores reporting that their Gaga variations are top sellers) and Justin Bieber. The beauty of these costumes is that they are so easy to execute. In the case of Gaga, all you need is a little bit of wacky make-up, a platinum blonde wig and a willingness to expose a little skin on your way to dressing like an alien (or just paying $100,000 for a dress made of meat, if you're into that). In Bieber's case, it's even simpler, as all you really need is a willingness to wear the wig, a pair of basketball sneakers and the ability to dance around a bit.

If pop culture is any indication, those costumes are already everywhere. Thursday night's (October 28) episode of "The Office" featured a character dressed as Gaga, and both Gaga and Bieber showed up on this morning's episode of "Today" (with Meredith Vieira as Gaga and Natalie Morales as Bieber).


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