'Jersey Shore' Star JWoww Evaluates Halloween Costumes Of Her Castmates

Halloween is this weekend, which means that many of you will be headed out to scare up candy, cause mischief and head to parties where women will most likely be dressed as sexy cats or slutty nurses. It's also the first Halloween since the premiere of MTV's hit reality series "Jersey Shore," which means that you will see a whole lot of people strutting around as Snooki or the Situation (in fact, Thursday night's episode of "The Office" featured Mindy Kaling dressed as everybody's favorite poof-wearing smoosh monster). You could certainly make your costume from scratch, but unless you really want to hit the tanning booth hard this weekend, there are official costumes available for Snooki, the Situation and DJ Pauly D.

Because we are committed to excellence here at MTV News, we got our hands on these particular outfits and decided to do some quality control research. Who better to judge the accuracy of these costumes than Jenni "JWoww" Farley, herself a "Jersey Shore" cast member? MTV News staffers Jocelyn Vena, James Montgomery and Kyle Anderson made the transformation into Snooki, the Situation and DJ Pauly D (respectively) and let JWoww decide whether or not they made convincing doppelgangers for her television pals.


Clearly, the costumes are decidedly accurate (though she obviously had some trouble with the tan level on those body pieces). The two wigs (one for Snooki, the other for DJ Pauly D) were especially convincing, as were the fake abs on the Situation. So know that if you're going out this weekend as your favorite GTL-er, JWoww approves of the official costumes (though she doesn't feel the same way about her costume, which is far too, uh, top heavy).

Which "Jersey Shore" cast member would you be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!