Matt And Kim: Melancholy Killers

By Jenny McCoy

If you're slightly jaded and you want to stay that way, you should definitely not go see a Matt and Kim show. It's difficult to explain, but it's based around a sort of uncontrollable beauty and fun. Think Care Bears defecating double rainbows. That's about it.

At Wednesday night's (October 27) show at Webster Hall in New York, Matt and Kim infused up-tempo songs from their forthcoming new album Sidewalks with gleaming smiles, a mid-show release of balloons and a healthy sprinkling of the crowd-pleasers like "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare" and "Daylight."

After getting lost at Nevada Smith's for a couple hours, I arrived to the venue just in time to see opener DJ Rob Swift do his thing on the wheels of steel. I found it to be especially enjoyable because he kept making us repeat things and then telling us we weren't repeating them loud enough. What's more, his performance totally ramped up my street cred since I'm pretty sure that the last time I listened to rap music in the company of that many people was at prom.

Once it was Matt and Kim time, I made my way to the stage using the simple (yet very effective) "Just trying to find my friend!" line. I found a spot to sit and grabbed some pretty sweet pics as I sipped a Goose Island and watched the show.

My decision to go was last minute, but Matt and Kim were well worth my time and my $17. After an day that began with listening to the Killers' cover of Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet" on repeat for 10 hours, they were also successful in robbing me of every ounce of my self-induced melancholy. All it took was a little drink, a crowded room and a lot of jubilant turned-to-11 indie party jams.