World Series Preview: The San Francisco Giants Have A Date With Destiny

It's that time of the fall again, which means the leaves are falling off the trees, pumpkins are being carved and the San Francisco Giants are meeting the Texas Rangers in the World Series. The seven game series begins tonight (Wednesday, October 27) at AT&T Park in San Francisco, with Giants ace (and Wiley Wiggins lookalike) Tim Lincecum squaring off against Rangers powerhouse Cliff Lee.

This particular series is a classic contrast in styles, as the Giants rely on their dominant pitching to compensate for their sometimes anemic ability to manufacture runs. On the other side of the diamond, the Rangers have quality pitching but have a more traditionally dominant lineup (including slugger Josh Hamilton and steady-hitting Ian Kinsler). The questions for every game will be "Can the Giants create enough offense, and can the Rangers overcome the nasty arms serving the balls up?" It should make for some thrilling baseball (especially the games in San Francisco, where the excitement has been regularly built up to a fever pitch during every single game of this playoffs).

But the bottom line is this: Though the Rangers have a lot of weapons, only the Giants have closer Brian Wilson. Sure, he has a league-leading 48 saves and a solid fastball, but his greatest asset is that he's sort of nuts (though not sandbox-in-the-living-room nuts like the Beach Boys founder of the same name). Wilson has one of the greatest beards in all of sports (it's so iconic that lots of Giants fans have been spotted wearing fake Wilson beards during the playoffs) and he loves to mess with sports reporters. Just take a look at this video compilation, which brings together Wilson's love for non sequiturs and a his love for stirring things up via a wacky character called the Machine.

We could argue statistics all day, but the bottom line is that in high-pressure situations, the best form of madness wins, which is why the Giants are going to take their first World Series victory since 1954 and their first since setting up shop in the Bay Area. Prediction: Giants in six. Time to start the party with San Quinn's "San Francisco."