Dave Grohl Is Getting Back Into The Spirit Of Nevermind

At this point, there are only a select few people who still think of Dave Grohl as "the drummer from Nirvana" before they consider him "the frontman for Foo Fighters." Grohl has had way more years, hits and sold-out tours than his old band ever did, and his status as one of rock's best frontmen (and interviews) has elevated him to legendary status. But according to an interview with BBC Radio 1, he doesn't have any problem acknowledging his former band. Grohl told host Zane Lowe that not only is the new Foo Fighters album (set to drop at some point in 2011) being produced by Butch Vig (the guy who manned the boards for Nevermind, as well as other classics like Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream and recent hits like Against Me!'s New Wave and White Crosses) but Grohl will also be collaborating with former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic.

Though Novoselic has toyed with a few musical projects since Nirvana ended (including the profoundly underrated Sweet 75, the also-underrated Eyes Adrift and a reformed version of Flipper), he has spent most of his post-Nirvana life working on political projects (many of which have been quite successful). But his quirky sense of humor and his imposing stage presence (the six foot seven inch Novoselic always cut quite a figure on stage). Exactly what his contributions to the album (or any subsequent Foo Fighters project) is currently unclear, but regardless, it'll be good to have Novoselic back on a stage this size.

As Grohl noted, it has been 20 years since he hooked up with Vig in a studio for a full album, though Vig did handle production on "Word Forward" and "Wheels," the the two new songs that appeared on the 2009 compilation Greatest Hits. "Wheels" in particular was an excellent track that should have been a bigger hit than it was. Let's start the second life campaign now, shall we?


With Grohl and Novoselic back together, Soundgarden a unit again and Alice in Chains back on the charts, it's starting to feel a lot like the Seattle of '93 around here. Could the long awaited reunions of Love Battery and Cat Butt be far behind?