The 'Dancing With The Stars' Situation: Audrina Patridge Eliminated In A Shocker

Well, that was certainly unexpected. In a twist that seemed to come from nowhere, former "The Hills" star Audrina Patridge was eliminated from Tuesday night's (October 26) episode of "Dancing With the Stars." Though she has been struggling all season long with infusing her technically sharp moves with energy and personality, it seemed as though her technique would carry her through at least a few more weeks. But clearly the viewing audience decided that they had seen enough, and despite the fact that several contestants had lower scores (including former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner and former accidental political talking point Bristol Palin), Patridge was shown the door.

Apparently, the show narrowly missed what would have been a truly staggering upset, as judges' favorite and front-runner Jennifer Grey was also declared to be in danger of elimination on Tuesday night's show. Though her momentum has cooled a bit in the past two weeks, Grey remains the most elite competitor on the show this season, and with the fundamentally sound Patridge out, it is now a two horse race between Grey and Brandy for the grand prize. (As an aside: As a competitor who has solid technical skills but lacked flair, isn't Audrina sort of like the Chuck Knoblauch of "Dancing With the Stars"?)

With the twist of Patridge's exit and the uncertainty of Grey's status, Tuesday night's results show was lively and tense, so the addition of the musical guests was (for once) a welcome respite and not just a way to fill time. Kylie Minogue brought an incredible amount of heat to the stage, and the cameos by rock legends (including Brett Michaels and Alice Cooper) were refreshing and fun. But now that the entire MTV contingent is gone (Patridge follows "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, who was eliminated two weeks ago), the favorite around the MTV Newsroom is now Brandy, if only because everybody here still knows all the words to "I Wanna Be Down."


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