Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Trailer: The Key Scene

The buzz around "Never Say Never" (the movie that is part concert film and part documentary, all centering around 16-year-old Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber) is steadily growing in anticipation of its February release, and that buzz got just a little bigger on Monday night (October 25). Why? Because the trailer for "Never Say Never" was finally unveiled both during the singer's concert in Los Angeles and all across the world via the Internet.

There was a bit of mystery surrounding exactly what would be included in the film, but the trailer does shed some light on that. It opens with some clips of an extremely young Bieber playing drums on the seat of a chair, toying with a tiny keyboard and singing his heart out in the comfort of his mom's living room. The footage makes the transition to Bieber's earliest YouTube videos and finally explodes into an incredible string of images from Bieber's tour (both on stage and back stage). There are dancers, explosions and an awful lot of behind-the-scenes frolicking (including an awesome-looking Segway race). But the trailer's key scene comes at the climax, when the action focuses on Bieber's wall-walking trick from his tour, which not only gives a peek into one of the great moments of his live show but also proves to be an apt metaphor for the film's "anything is possible" philosophy.

"Never Say Never" will be in theaters this February. In the meantime, Bieber remains on the road, wrapping up just before Christmas (where he'll finish up in his adopted hometown of Atlanta). Other live highlights include a homecoming arena show in Toronto and a spot on the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden in New York.


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