The 'Dancing With The Stars' Situation: Brandy Dominates, Bristol Palin Steps Her Game Up

Over the course of most seasons of "Dancing With the Stars," this is the point in the season where the competition really gets serious. Theoretically, every cast member left should have a fighting chance at competing in the finale, with a handful of people truly capable of winning the whole thing. But though plenty of dead weight has been shed so far this season, there is still at least one contestant who is just treading water until her inevitable dismissal (probably as soon as this week). We're looking at you, Bristol Palin, and your strange "teen activist" title and your inability to move your feet properly. Palin was saved from the chopping block last week in favor of Florence Henderson, and she was going to really need a stellar showing on Monday night's (October 25) episode of "Dancing With the Stars" in order to continue shaking her tailfeather on national television.

She may have actually bought herself another week with her tango last night, a relatively lively performance during an extremely strange rock-themed episode of the show that also featured a strange "dance marathon" that was confusing and not particularly noteworthy (except for the fact that Brandy won it somehow). Palin began to emerge from her shell last night, and her footwork was the strongest it has been all season (that being said, she still could use a lot of polish). Her confident performance — combined with Kurt Warner's relatively disastrous night on the dance floor — should give Palin a reprieve and could start her on the path to becoming this season's Kelly Osbourne (as in the contestant who starts as a mess and eventually challenges for the title).

However, she'll have to overcome some stiff competition from Brandy (who is getting exponentially better every week), Jennifer Grey (who has been judged a little more harshly if only because she's sort of a ringer) and former "The Hills" star Audrina Patridge (whose paso doble still lacked personality but showed an impressive range of technical skills). Rick Fox also continues to come on strong, which gives the top tier some much-needed testosterone.


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