Taylor Swift Invites The Whole World To The Party: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"One of my favorite things about this album is it's the first time I've ever released an album all over the world at the same time. So I wanted to include everybody. I wanted to include everyone from all these countries where these fans have shown up and been amazing to me. So we are flying people from all over the world to all converge in America and all be together and do some really, really fun things and a concert and play some new songs from the record. And I am very excited."

-Crossover country superstar Taylor Swift, explaining the motivation behind the internationally-flavored "Speak Now: Taylor Swift Live From New York City" concert she'll be performing on Monday night (October 25), which will be streamed live on MTV.com starting at 7 p.m. Eastern. The show happens to fall on the same day that Swift's hotly-anticipated third album Speak Now hits stores.

Though her sound comes from uniquely American roots, Swift experienced a great deal of international interest when her second album Fearless became a universal pop sensation. She has traveled the world entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans, and those journeys have deeply informed the songs on Speak Now. "I've been working on this album for two years and having written every song on this album and not having any co-writers making the concept of this album come together and sort of writing everything for this album within the concept, it actually all happened very naturally," Swift told MTV News in a recent sit-down interview. "So I write songs about things that really intensely, emotionally affect me at the time I'm going through them."

Don't miss "Speak Now: Taylor Swift Live From New York City," streaming live on MTV.com, CMT.com and VH1.com at 7 p.m. ET tonight!