Kanye West's 'Runaway' (And His Greatness): The Readers React

Up until this weekend, Kanye West was mostly known as a rapper and a producer (and a pretty exceptional one at that). But as of Saturday (October 23), we now have to think of West as a filmmaker as well. "Runaway," which premiered on MTV over the weekend, is a complicated and strange film full of eye-popping images and some really excellent music (all of which will appear on West's upcoming release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which will inevitably be an album of the year candidate), and it's a remarkable accomplishment for West.

In fact, the release of "Runaway" was enough of a catalyst for the MTV Newsroom Blog to declare West the greatest pop star of this generation. There is a mountain of evidence pointing in that direction, as West has managed to conquer a number of different entertainment forums — and he has done everything in his unique way.

However, the fans commenting on the blog did not agree with that sort of elevation for West — or for anybody, for that matter. "Art is relative," reader Artwo wrote. "One cannot simply be the best as this article states." However, the opinion was split on the actual content of the piece. Some people weren't interested at all ("Calling this art is a stretch. It's just an exercise in Kanye's arrogance," wrote reader James) while others seemed to be fine with it ("Not a Kanye fan and not exactly impressed with this vid but I give him credit for trying to do something a little different," wrote T. Joseph).

Still, West can rest assured that "Runaway" managed to convert at least one new fan in his favor. "The way I look at it, I know nothing about Kanye West but loved the piece," wrote Rosemary. "Beautiful modern ballet and theatre. Agree it's an evolved work of art."


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