The ‘Live CoCo Cam’: Madness And Hilarity Incarnate

That excitement you feel in the breaks during baseball games and just before your head hits the pillow at night is the palpable energy that “Conan” is generating in the late night community. Fans, late night aficionados, media analysts and masturbating bears alike are all waiting for the return of Conan O’Brien to television on November 8, which will represent the first time he has been on the boob tube since his strange and horrifying exit from “The Tonight Show” back at the beginning of the year. In the months in between, O’Brien went on a well-received national tour, put out a live album on vinyl, became a Twitter all-star and regularly entertained the virtual world via his new show’s official Web site. Today, O’Brien kicked it up a notch, launching the “Live CoCo Cam,” which is broadcasting for 24 hours live from the stairwell of O’Brien’s show’s offices in Los Angeles.

Like most everything Conan O’Brien has ever done, the feed is odd, strangely hypnotizing and flat-out hilarious. As of this writing, it consisted mostly of longtime O’Brien band member Richie “LaBamba” Rosenberg sitting at a card table attempting to put together a jigsaw puzzle. People come in and out of the stairwell, sometimes communicating with LaBamba, sometimes now. There’s a haunting, almost Lynchian music loop running in the background (which LaBamba occasionally sings along to). All told, it’s a bizarre experience.

It’s hard to believe they can keep this up for the full 24 hours (it’s scheduled to conclude at 1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, October 21), but if anybody can make this amount of static hilarious, it’s the team behind “Conan.” (Also, the site promises the possibility of “dancing tacos,” which would totally be worth sticking around for if they ever do show up.)

What did you see when you tuned into the “Live CoCo Cam”? Let us know in the comments!