Miike Snow Unite The Crowd In Los Angeles

By Katie Byrne

About halfway through Miike Snow’s concert Friday (October 15) at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, I had a revelation: I know every song that will be played during this show. Why? Because Miike Snow only have one album.

It’s a safe bet that everyone at the concert owned that self-titled album or they wouldn’t have been there, so we were all more or less the same level of Miike Snow fan. It’s not like going to a Radiohead show, where the die-hards would rather hear a U.K. B-side than a radio single and would look on in disgust as the lesser fans sang every word of “Creep” louder than Thom Yorke. There’s something unique about that first tour after a debut album. Everyone is really pumped up about that band, but one less-successful follow-up, and half the crowd might not be back for another live show.

And that’s not to say that I should have sat at home and listened to Miike Snow rather than head to the Wiltern, since I was getting nearly that exact track list. The show was beyond epic. It felt more like being at a dance party than a concert, with smoke pumping from the stage and lasers beaming from behind each masked bandmember. The combination of the universally known songs and the dance-floor feel made for a community experience within the crowd that you definitely don’t get at every show. The audience was ultra-engaged and hanging on the group’s every beat.

Of course, just because most of these fans knew the whole album didn’t mean they were above the typical “Play the single!” shenanigans. And when the lights went up after a two-song encore without the group playing their best-known song “Animal,” a chorus of boos traveled through the crowd. I guess that whole community thing goes both ways.

Mark Ronson opened with an hour-long set, bringing a few friends along for the ride. Spank Rock and Pill did rapping duties, while Marsha Ambrosius wailed on Amy Winehouse’s version of the Zutons’ “Valerie.”

Have you ever been to a debut concert tour? Did you notice a difference in the crowd? Let us know in the comments!

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