'Jackass 3D,' Justin Bieber And Kim Kardashian's Naughty Bits: This Week's Deep Cuts

As I write this, most of the MTV Newsroom is gathered around one of the many televisions set up in the office to watch "Rocky IV" on VH1. The "Rocky" movies are remarkable, because not only is every single boxer technically sort of terrible (nobody ever puts their hands up in this films) and they exist in an alternate reality wherein stories about boxers lead the news every single night. "Rocky IV" kicks all those things up a notch and adds the incredible Ivan Drago (played with icy toughness by Dolph Lundgren), who stands over Apollo Creed's dying form and utters lines like "If he dies, he dies."

With our minds focused on "Rocky IV," that probably means it's about time to start the weekend, where we'll be digging deep into the baseball playoffs and going to see "Jackass 3D" six or seven times. Before you watch the end of "Rocky IV" and make your way out into the world of leisure, be sure to check out all the things you might have missed this week on the MTV Newsroom Blog.

» "Jackass 3D" is finally here! To get yourself ready for all the fun and carnage, fire yourself up with our custom soundtrack.

» It was a good week for Justin Bieber, as dove deep into a number of new projects. First up: A line of nail polish.

» Bieber also announced the title of his upcoming film, which is "Never Say Never." But wouldn't he have been better off just calling it "Avatar"?

» Finally, Bieber's book came out this week, which inspired Cary Elwes to deliver a dramatic reading.

» You know who else had a big week? Animated television shows. "The Simpsons" welcomed Banksy into their ranks to create an awesomely funny, dark credit sequence.

» "South Park" also had a memorable week, featuring a savage takedown of "Jersey Shore."

» In fact, "Jersey Shore" had a bit of a rough week, as the Situation danced his last tango on "Dancing With the Stars."

» However, it's not all bad news, as the Situation now has the freedom to guest star on whatever reality show he wants.

» Kim Kardashian took her clothes off for W magazine, and those photos caused quite a stir.

» David Arquette's marriage may be over, but he'll always be WCW Champion in our hearts.

» My Chemical Romance debuted their new video, which is a fantastic little action sci-fi blast-o-rama.

» Katy Perry announced her California Dreams tour, which made everybody wish the show "California Dreams" would come back.

» Finally, in between all the fun we had this week, we also discussed some important issues with President Barack Obama. If you missed it, catch up with the entirety of MTV's "A Conversation With President Obama".