Taylor Swift Was Compelled To 'Speak' At The VMAs: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I had a lot of options going into the VMAs: You can not go; you can perform your current single; you can pretend like nothing happened last year that everybody is not thinking about; or you can say what you need to say at the time that you need to say it. And having an album coming out that's called Speak Now, that's about saying what you feel at the time, I knew I needed to go to the VMAs this year."

-Pop country superstar Taylor Swift, explaining her thought process behind attending this year's MTV Video Music Awards and performing the song "Innocent," which was written in response to Kanye West's interruption of Swift during the VMAs in 2009. The decision paid off for Swift, who delivered one of her finest television performances and proved that the content of Speak Now would be both hugely compelling and deeply personal.

Her performance of "Innocent" was extra passionate because of the way Swift approaches live performances. "The thing about performing songs that I've written is that when I'm performing them in concert or anytime that I'm singing those words, I'm back in the place where I was when I wrote the song," she explained to MTV News' Jim Cantiello during a recent visit to Nashville. "It's like that every single time, whether I'm singing a happy song or whether I'm singing a song about a very intense emotion, like I did on the VMAs."

Speak Now, which to the delight of the MTV Newsroom Blog will be available on vinyl, is scheduled to hit stores October 22.