Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never': The Rejected Movie Posters!

Having already conquered the worlds of music, literature and nail polish, Justin Bieber will be taking over your local cinema early next year. Bieber's film (which includes both backstage and performance footage and delivered in glorious 3-D) has been talked about for a while, but this morning it finally got a title. "Never Say Never" (which shares its name with the song that Bieber made with Jaden Smith for the soundtrack to "The Karate Kid") will be hitting a theater near you this coming February. The reveal came after two days' worth of puzzle pieces getting dropped around the Internet. When those pieces finally came together, they formed the poster for the film.

"Never Say Never" is a good title, as it reinforces the fact that Bieber's rise to fame has all been about making the improbable totally normal. But there had to have been a handful of titles left on the cutting room floor, which is why we dreamed up a few alternate versions of the poster. They probably discussed a handful of references to the fact that the film will be in 3-D (hence the aggressive title "Cominatcha!"), at least one title dedicated to Bieber's heritage (the quirky-but-functional "Canadian Bacon II") and a few that reference classic music-related films (like "The Last Pop and Lock" and "This Is Bieber Tap"). Also, what's the best way to insure that the movie makes a kajillion dollars at the box office? Just call it "Avatar."

But in any good brainstorming session, you always have to have at least one idea that is the opposite of the one you end up choosing. That's why we're certain they experimented with "Always Say Always."

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