Justin Bieber's 'Speakin Tongues' Freestyle: Breaking It Down

Nearly a year after Asher Roth first revealed to the world that Justin Bieber did in fact have skills on the microphone when it came to rapping, video evidence has finally surfaced. On Thursday (October 14), the Bieberverse was abuzz with the video of Bieber (in his rap persona, which he calls "Shawty Mane") busting out a freestyle over the beat from Cam'Ron and Vado's "Speakin Tongues." And while it isn't as jaw-dropping as the recording of Jay-Z and Big L exchanging rhymes, it is still a pretty good effort from the 16-year-old Canadian singing sensation.

Crammed into those speedily-delivered lines (Bieber's flow is pretty lively, somewhere in between Ludacris and Eminem) are a handful of pretty sweet bon mots. "Call up Lady Gaga on my on my telephone/ Hello doll/ You're my girl/ Beats no metronome," is a pretty great line sequence full of at least two double-entendres. But the best lyric by far is "So I'm raptor/ Tearing it up like a tractor/ Matter fact you're not feeling this track, you're a slacker." Later, he calls out Tom Brady. It's all pretty great, and Bieber does a convincing job with both his delivery and the inventiveness of his lyrics.

Does Justin Bieber have a future in hip-hop? It's difficult to tell from just these few minutes, but we trust Asher Roth's ability to judge talent. Plus, wouldn't Bieber's rap album have to be great? He is based in Atlanta and is down with Usher, so he would have access to some of the best producers in the game. And we already know he is down with the likes of Ludacris, Drake and a number of other high-profile MCs, so the guest spots would be killer as well. With this as his first step, you can expect Drake and Bieber to be selling out Toronto's SkyDome (Home and Home style) some time in 2019.

Is Justin Bieber a good rapper? Let us know in the comments!