Estelle Narrowly Beats Beyoncé And Keri Hilson As Kanye West's Best Female Collaborator

It has been two days, but Kanye West's drop-in on the remix of La Roux's "In for the Kill" remains at the top of the regular rotation in the MTV Newsroom. It's a killer track that deftly combines each of their skill sets for a swirling, banging track. It represents yet another triumph for West as a collaborator, and it further expands his resume of huge hits and genre-bending experiments.

But is "In for the Kill" Kanye's best tag-team with a female artist? That's the question we asked in a poll on Wednesday (October 13). With such an impressive lineup of possibilities, it was going to be a difficult decision for everybody, and after thousands of responses, the margin of victory for the first place vote-getter ended up being razor thin.

Who sat on top of the pile? That would be Estelle, whose success with West on "American Boy" earned her 31 percent of the total vote in the poll. But it was hardly a runaway victory, as Keri Hilson (and her "Knock You Down") was just behind her nipping at her heels with 30 percent. Not to be outdone, Beyoncé (with "See Me Now") came in a close third, nailing down 29 percent of the total vote. With three top-shelf divas and three smashing tunes, it's not surprising that the final vote tally was so tight.

After Beyoncé, there was quite a gap between the top three and the bottom three. La Roux and Janet Jackson each grabbed five percent, while Kid Sister brought up the rear with a paltry two percent (not surprising considering "Pro Nails" was probably the least successful single in the poll, even though it absolutely rules). Statistically, these numbers don't really resolve the question about who Kanye's best female collaborator is, but one thing is for certain: If Kanye West touches a song, it tends to turn to greatness.