'Married To Rock': The Wives They Should Have Recruited

Considering the rampant success of shows like "Basketball Wives" and the "Real Housewives" series, it was only a matter of time before reality show cameras started tracking the daily trials and tribulations of the spouses of rock stars. Just such a thing will be happening when E! premieres "Married to Rock," a show that will focus on a handful of women married to rock stars and will premiere on November 7. Since shows like this live and die on the personalities of the people involved, the cast is very important, and this batch includes Susan Holmes McKagan (wife of former Guns N' Roses member and current Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan), Etty Farrell (wife of Jane's Addiction frontman and Lollapalooza godfather Perry Farrell), Josie Stevens (wife of Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens) and AJ Celi (the not-quite-wife of the Cult guitarist Billy Duffy).

It's a strange mix of people, to be sure. Duff McKagan writes great columns for The Seattle Weekly and Playboy, and by all accounts his wife is also a dynamic personality who will probably be the alpha of the group. Etty Farrell has had a bit of a public life (she is working on her own album and has collaborated with husband Perry on a handful of other projects), though the other two women are sort of mysteries. It's not a bad mix, though in a perfect world, the following women would have been cast members on "Married to Rock."

Mariqueen Maandig

Trent Reznor's wife is a musician in her own right (she was the singer of West Indian Girl and currently serves as one third of Reznor's latest project Hot to Destroy Angels), though she remains relatively mysterious to the outside world. Her participation would not only get her involved but also may reveal a few things about home life with the man behind Nine Inch Nails (though it's painfully clear that Reznor would never, ever go for something like this).

Karen Elson

Elson is a beautiful model, musician and wife to Jack White. Again, her involvement would not only be interesting (Elson is extremely talented and stunningly beautiful) but also a revealing look behind the curtain at her husband (who is notoriously private).

Tana Munblowsky

Another mysterious, low-profile spouse, Munblowsky married the Killers frontman (and recent solo star) Brandon Flowers back when the band was first breaking, and a look into her private life (no doubt full of complicated religious conversations and the excesses of Las Vegas) would be fascinating.

Deven Davis

Not only is Davis the wife of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, she is also the mother of their three children and a former porn actress. She would undoubtedly have some perspective on home life and have something to say, wouldn't she?

What rock and roll wives would you have cast on "Married to Rock"? Let us know in the comments!