The Situation Exits 'Dancing With The Stars,' Enters Whatever Show He Likes

Though he was driven and popular enough to last a few weeks, the fact that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was not the greatest technical dancer in the universe finally caught up with him on Tuesday night (October 12). The breakout star of MTV's "Jersey Shore" was sent packing on "Dancing With the Stars," having picked up the lowest scores of the week for his Argentine tango. In his four weeks on the show, the Situation spent a lot of time in the spotlight if only because he was in danger of being eliminated every week, but he did manage to win over his partner (if not the judges, who were pretty harsh on him). He put up a good fight, but he in the end he came up short.

But luckily, we're not anywhere near done with him. "Jersey Shore" still has a few episodes left (plus the entire third season, which returns the group to their original Seaside Heights home) and he still has his own protein-infused vodka, a workout video and a book coming out in the near future. There will be no shortage of the Situation, which will be just fine with the members of the Situation Nation.

In fact, the Situation's exit from "Dancing With the Stars" might be a blessing in disguise, as it opens up his schedule for any number of other reality show opportunities. Considering his physique, the Situation could easily show up on "The Biggest Loser" as a motivational figure. That same athleticism could serve him well on "Survivor" (where he would certainly be able to work on the "T" aspect of "GTL"). The Situation's other great skills lie in the kitchen, which is why he would make a great contestant on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay."

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