How Coheed And Cambria's Claudio Sanchez's Life Has Changed Since Winning Musical March Madness

In about a month or so, the new college basketball season will tip off, which means that we're inching ever closer to another go-round in the MTV Musical March Madness tournament. Earlier this year, the first version of the tournament wrapped up, and though the competition was fierce and intense, one band stood above all others. Fans of Coheed and Cambria galvanized their numbers and pushed their favorite band through the early rounds, into the later match-ups and finally to the top of the mountain. They scored the victory, received their trophy and carried their mantle into their seemingly never-ending tour for their latest album Year of the Black Rainbow.

Frontman Claudio Sanchez has been busy outside the band too. He is the author of the comic book series "Amory Wars" and "Kill Audio," projects that brought him to last weekend's New York Comic Con. After discussing his current favorite books and the future of the "Amory Wars" both in comic and music form, Sanchez reflected on his band's Musical March Madness victory.

"When I get into a restaurant, they're like, 'Oh Mr. Sanchez! Right this way! No problem!' Everybody knows who I am now," Sanchez joked to MTV Splash Page's Rick Marshall. But just as he did when his band received the trophy, he gave a special thank you to the group's followers. "It was actually a real honor to win that. It was really cool. It was certainly an award for the fans and their dedication to the band. It meant a lot to us."


Coheed and Cambria just launched the latest leg of their tour, which will take them to the Pacific Northwest and through Canada. From there, they spent most of the rest of the year in Europe with the Deftones before spending the early part of 2011 in Australia. And as he told Marshall, Sanchez is always working on new projects and determining just what the future of the "Amory Wars" will be. His band — and their fans — should be in excellent shape next March to defend their championship.

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