'The Celebrity Apprentice' Should Cast Nothing But '90s Rock Band Members

There's no secret that the last season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" — which saw Bret Michaels score the victory over a truly excellent field — was one of the most fun shows on television. And it's also no secret that the current iteration of "The Apprentice" (which does not feature any famous people, just a bunch of down-on-their-luck business folk) is not very good at all (ratings have been roundly bad). But according to reports from Entertainment Weekly, a new season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" is just around the corner, and rumor has it that the cast will include La Toya Jackson, former "The View" co-host Star Jones and "Don't Forget the Lyrics" host Mark McGrath.

Even though there could be as many as nine more names added to the roster, fans should already be salivating, as all three of those people are wildly entertaining on TV. McGrath is an especially awesome case, as he has strangely succeeded just about everywhere he has gone, whether it be as the frontman of Sugar Ray, as a contestant on "Rock and Roll Jeopardy" or as the current host of "Don't Forget the Lyrics." In fact, who wouldn't want to see an entire cast of "The Celebrity Apprentice" based entirely around singers from '90s bands? If we were casting "The Celebrity Apprentice" (and there are excellent reasons why we do not in fact have that job), here are the people we would draft in addition to McGrath.

Vinnie Dombroski

Since their inception, Sponge have been one of the more underrated bands on the planet. They deftly brought together post-grunge power with throwback glam, which made for an excellent stew on hits like "Plowed" and "Molly." Frontman Dombroski is a great character, which would also make him a great contestant on the show.

Donita Sparks

The former L7 frontwoman has shed a lot of the rage that she laid on on albums like Hungry for Stink and Bricks Are Heavy, but her sharp style is begging for the attention of the television cameras.

John Wozniak

Marcy Playground have always been so much more than their 1997 hit "Sex and Candy," and that's because of frontman Wozniak. The guy is smart and extremely well-educated, and would have a great, unique approach to the challenges put forth by Donald Trump.

Dan Wilson

The singer, guitarist and songwriter from Semisonic is a quiet, thoughtful guy, which would make him a great answer to the more bombastic personalities in the mix.

Art Alexakis

Even before he became famous for being the frontman for Everclear, Alexakis had survived all types of drug problems and personal issues. But could he fight his way through Trump's boardroom?


It'd be good to have somebody a little bit spooky in the mix, which is why the woman who brought the world "Angry Johnny" and "Trigger Happy Jack" should totally accept our invitation.

Dave Wyndorf

In every crowd, there should be a metal guy, and Monster Magnet's frontman fits the bill. Wyndorf's presence adds a little swagger, a little leather and a whole lot of volume to this mix.

Tanya Donelly

The former member of Throwing Muses and Belly still makes music but makes most of her bones as a doula. She brings two unique sides to the table, as she has her rock side and her maternal side, which could make her a dangerous competitor.

Brian Vander Ark

Because somebody has to be the first to get fired, so why not the frontman from the Verve Pipe?

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