Katy Perry's 'California Dreams' Tour Recalls Classic TV Show Of The Same Name

The title of Katy Perry's just-announced "California Dreams" tour is clearly an amalgam of her two big singles from her latest smash album Teenage Dream ("California Gurls" and the title track). But maybe — just maybe! — Perry is also a fan of the early '90s TV show "California Dreams," spawned from the success of "Saved By The Bell" (and coincidentally created by the same guy, Peter Engel). The show, which launched in 1992 (and stopped airing in 1996 after three seasons as a Saturday morning staple), followed a band called the California Dreams as they went through the trials and tribulations of high school as well as the ups and downs of trying to become a world-famous band.

And while the show might be best known for its memorable characters — including a Situation-like dude, their own Scooter Braun-type manager and a few good-looking ladies — it also had one staggeringly catchy theme song. Unlike the manic "Saved by the Bell" theme, the opening tune to "California Dreams" is a slow jam using lingo people like Moondoggie used back in the day. Check out this jaw-dropping lyric sheet: "Surf dudes with attitude/ Feeling groovy/ Laid back mood/ Sky above/ Sand below/ Good vibrations/ Feelin' mellow."

Strangely, the show has managed to find something of a permanent place in pop culture relevance (or at least has a warm spot reserved in the heart of a certain late night host). In March, after the "Saved By The Bell" cast couldn't be reunited, Jimmy Fallon decided to get the old "California Dreams" crew together again. They all held up pretty well and seem to be pretty busy in their post-"California Dreams" lives. They even dazzled the crowd with a live performance of that beloved theme song.