Johnny Knoxville And The 'Jackass' Crew Take Over This Week's 'Late Night Lineup'

The best thing about watching coverage of the baseball playoffs on TBS has nothing to do with the actual broadcasts of the games, as TBS has managed to answer the question, "Can anybody show baseball worse than Fox and ESPN combined?" No, the highlight comes during commercial breaks whenever promos for "Conan" come up. They have all been stellar, especially all of the blimp-related gags ("Actually, it's a dirigible"). The entire late night universe is waiting for O'Brien's return, as the numbers across the board have been way, way down since his exit earlier this year. Will Conan's comeback spark a new wave of competition among the venerable after-hours talk show hosts? Here's hoping.

In the meantime, the shows grind on, with a number of sure-fire highlights hitting your television screens this week. "The Late Show with David Letterman" features a visit from Matt Damon (Tuesday, October 12), one of the best personalities to have on your interview couch. That episode also features a drop-in from My Morning Jacket. Thursday night's (October 14) show should also be great, as Diddy will not only sit and chat but he'll also be performing. Over on "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno has the wacky one-two punch of Chad Ochocinco and musical guest Travie McCoy on Monday (October 11), M.I.A. (Wednesday, October 13), "Glee" star Kevin McHale (Thursday) and MTV Europe Music Awards host Eva Longoria Parker (Friday, October 15). Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel will welcome Bruce Willis (Tuesday) and Mark Ronson (Wednesday).

If you're not watching "The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon" at the moment, this week is as good a time as any to embrace what is currently the best late night network show. Fallon has been killing it lately, and he'll keep delivering this week with the help of Donald Trump (Monday), Johnny Knoxville (Tuesday) and Pee-wee Herman (Thursday). Stay up for "Last Call With Carson Daly" for Broken Bells (Tuesday) and Johnny Knoxville (Friday). Knoxville — clearly the belle of the ball this week — will also be on Monday's edition of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," so if you're really into the subtle nuances of "Jackass 3D" (or just love the "Jackass" headmaster's staggering charisma), then you have many, many options this week.

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