Kanye West, 'Glee' And The Beatles: This Week's Deep Cuts

We have come to the end of yet another week, and whether your are watching a friend get married, celebrating your own engagement or just heading out to a screening of "My Soul to Take" looking for the right person, you deserve to enjoy yourself this weekend. Go ahead — you've earned it! You worked hard all week, put your nose to the grindstone and gave 110 percent of yourself to work, school or playing "World of Warcraft" (however you choose to fill your time during the week). Now it's time to head out to the cinema, watch some college football, maybe try to sneak in the last barbecue of the season or just attend New York Comic Con. But before you do any of that, check out all the fun and madness you might have missed on the MTV Newsroom Blog this week. As the links below prove, a certain rapper and interior design enthusiast from Chicago was particularly popular over the past few days.

» Kanye West had a massive week, and we're still a few weeks away from the release of his new album. First, he turned in one of the best performances in the history of "Saturday Night Live."

» Later in the week, he announced that his new album will officially be called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. That's a mouthful, so we suggested some alternatives.

» Then, West unveiled the entirety of his new short film "Runaway," which draws from both Michael Jackson and Matisse.

» West didn't have a monopoly on the news this week, however. He placed well in the poll deciding which album is the season's most anticipated, but the voters are far more excited about My Chemical Romance's Danger Days.

» Using the power of Britney Spears, the cast of "Glee" passed the Beatles on a very silly list that means nothing at all.

» You know who else is having a pretty great week? Justin Timberlake, who scored rave reviews for his performance in "The Social Network," starred in a viral video with Jimmy Fallon and hopefully contemplated a fresh career as an Olympic curler.

» Timberlake appears to have hung up the music spurs, and there's a guy in Seattle who .

» It was a great week in sports, as the baseball playoffs kicked off and Randy Moss returned to the Minnesota Vikings.

» Speaking of baseball, how is it possible we don't hear more Destiny's Child when a guy like Roy Halladay throws a no-no?

» Lady Gaga's tour rider might have made its way onto the Internet, though if it's real it's also pretty dull. Luckily, we made some suggestions. We hope she likes tigers.

» "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" star Carey Mulligan is on the upcoming Belle & Sebastian album, which is the most adorable, twee team-up in music history.

» 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler aren't dating, but they may or may not be shooting a remake of "Pulp Fiction." (Probably not, though.)

» Finally, remember that Saturday would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday. Check out the 10 artists who carry on his legacy, crank up "Instant Karma!" and try to contemplate what a 70-year-old Lennon would sound like today.