Belle & Sebastian Welcome 'Wall Street' Star Carey Mulligan Into The Fold

If Scottish indie rock icons Belle & Sebastian get their way, Carey Mulligan is becoming the new Scarlett Johansson (in the sense that she is coveted both for her abilities on screen and behind microphones). The Oscar-nominated actress not only stars in the recently-released "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" but also lent her voice to the song "Write About Love," the title track of the group's forthcoming album of the same name. So how did the soft-spoken twee superstars get the pixie-haired, fair-skinned actress on their album, which will be officially released this Tuesday, October 12?

"I don't know!" she admitted to MTV News' Josh Horowitz while discussing "Wall Street" at the Toronto International Film Festival a few weeks ago. "They called me up and they just said, 'Do you wanna sing?' and I was like, 'Yeah, if it's effectively backing vocals.' And they were like, 'Yeah.'"

And with that seemingly simple exchange, a collaboration was born — though don't expect her to be putting out her debut full-length any time soon. "It's not like a step in that direction in any way," she revealed. "But I was a massive fan and I love their music and have all their albums and am kind of obsessed with them. So I was just like a fan. I just wanted to go and hang out in the studio and pretend like I was apart of their gang."

Mulligan, who can also be seen in the currently-in-theaters indie spectacle "Never Let Me Go," reassures fans she has no plans to pursue a music career. "Yeah, I'm going to do a cover of Whitney Houston songs," she joked. "It's just sort of a fun thing and I hadn't worked and it was sort of something creative to play around with."