Drake Wants To Take You To Toronto For The Winter: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"It's just some slow, riding music. I spent all my winters in Toronto, man, and you have no idea what that's like. It's like bitter cold, find someone to love and stay inside, and that's exactly what I'm making: the soundtrack to a Toronto winter."

-Canadian hip-hop superstar Drake, giving a preview of his upcoming mixtape It's Never Enough. The new collection is set to be unleashed some time around Christmas, which will apparently match the tone of the album perfectly. The release of the new tracks will mark the end of a particularly fruitful year for Drake, as he also celebrated the long-awaited release of his debut album Thank Me Later, which remains in the upper echelons of the Billboard album chart.

Though Drake has made most of his bones whipping out his silky singing voice, he says the new tape will strike a deft balance between singing and rhyming. "There's actually rapping on there, to be honest with you," Drake revealed. "It was hard for me to do a whole mixtape full of singing. This is me, this is 'Sooner Than Later,' this is 'Brand New,' this is the slow jams that I'm known for."

In addition to those slow jams, there will also be a tribute to TLC that samples the group's FanMail track "I Get Lonely Too." "It's a nod to a phenomenal group. Not a lot of people booked it, but it's like the fan-mail tribute to TLC," Drake said. "It's not a single. It's not to be taken like, 'This is it. This is the one. We're working it to radio. I'm shooting the video in two weeks.' It's just like some music for you to listen to."