Is Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The Most Anticipated Album Of The Season?

If you have been paying any kind of attention to this space in the past week or so, you know that there's a lot of excitement around the MTV Newsroom surrounding the upcoming release of Kanye West's newest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The songs we have heard (notably "Runaway" and "Power") have certainly fueled that fire, and the recent news about the unveiling of West's new film (also called "Runaway") has similarly stirred the pot. The album promises to be incredibly strange, dark and musically adventurous, which should put it immediately on the short list of best albums of the year.

But we're not only wrapped up in Kanye, as there are a number of other albums that have been getting our motors going. The slow and steady news about Taylor Swift's Speak Now suggest that it should be great. The long-awaited new album from My Chemical Romance is also excellent, as is Come Around Sundown, the new release from Kings of Leon. New music from Rihanna is always interesting, and Kid Rock's upcoming Born Free should also be eye-opening and head-turning. And don't forget about Susan Boyle, who sold nearly 10 million copies of her debut album I Dreamed a Dream. There is also plenty of singles-fueled buzz surrounding Cee-Lo, Nelly and Nicki Minaj ("F--- You," "Just a Dream" and "Check It Out" are all currently in constant rotation).

So which one of those releases is your most anticipated? Which one makes you most excited and will most likely end up on your year-end best-of list? Vote in the poll below and lay out your arguments in the comments!