Randy Moss' Return To The Vikings And Other Pop Culture Homecomings

Minnesota Viking fans and Brett Favre fantasy footaball owners rejoiced on Wednesday (October 6) when the NFL squad traded for wide receiver Randy Moss. The move brings the future Hall of Famer back to his original team, after years spent with the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots.

It'll be quite a homecoming for Moss, though he's never played alongside Favre before (in 2004, Moss' last season with the Vikings, Daunte Culpepper was under center for the team and Favre was throwing TDs for the Green Bay Packers).

Nonetheless, a merry homecoming it shall be. And being the pop culture wackos that we are here at MTV News, we immediately thought of other memorable homecomings. From top bands to hit shows, here are some of our favorite second acts.

Jay Leno & "The Tonight Show"

Who would have imagined that when Leno left the most iconic post in late-night TV, he'd be gone for less than a year? After his primetime show flopped and Conan O'Brien's "Tonight Show" struggled in the ratings, Leno executed something of a bloodless coup. NBC execs gave O'Brien a seriously golden parachute and now Jay can be seen back where he always wanted to be: on TV at 11:35 p.m.

David Lee Roth & Van Halen

Drama! It would take almost as many words as are housed in the Oxford English Dictionary to fully tell the tale of Van Halen's intra-band dysfunction. So let's just discuss lead singer David Lee Roth. Following a string of hits like "Jump," he and Eddie Van Halen were at each other's throats. Eddie kicked him out of the band and hired Sammy Hagar in 1985. Over a decade later, Roth rejoined the group for a studio session for their band's greatest hits record. The band then appeared together at the '96 MTV Video Music Awards. If Van Halen fans got their hopes up, though, they were sorely disappointed. Weeks later, Roth was once again outta the band. Draaaaama!

Luke Perry & "Beverly Hills, 90210"

Perry probably took a look at the scripts coming his way during season six — a ludicrous subplot about his wife-to-be's murderous mob boss of a dad — and decided he had to get the heck out of California. He left the show in 1995, but high-profile acting work did not follow. Perry returned to the show for its final two seasons. Needless to say, the writers never came up with much of anything interesting for the guy.

Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath

After the metal band notched a string of multiplatinum albums, Ozzy up and quit in 1977. Yet a few months later, he was back fronting Sabbath. It didn't last for long. He was fired in '79. Twenty years later, the group reformed for Ozzfest.

Stephanie March & "Law & Order: SVU"

As the Assistant District Attorney who put the perps away after Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson did the dirty work, March's Alexandra Cabot was a key piece of the show that became the best of the "L&O" bunch. But she was written off the show in season four: she faked her death to escape some nasty drug lords. Faux-death, however, didn't keep her away for long. March came back for seasons 10 and 11, only to be replaced by none other than Sharon Stone.

What is your favorite pop culture comeback? Share your faves in the comments!