Facebook 'I Like It' Statuses: Inappropriate Or All For A Good Cause?

By Kara Warner

So there's this "I like it" trend taking over Facebook status updates, and as far as we know, Enrique Iglesias is not involved. (Although, after writing that title a few times, his catchy tune with the same name will be thumping in our brains for the rest of the day.)

Anyway! The "I like it" Facebook campaign — some examples of which include "I like it on the floor," I like it in the closet" — is meant to raise awareness about breast cancer. The idea is pegged to women's handbags/purses and where women place them when they come home. Naturally, the idea is to keep the status updates as vague as possible, leaving out the purse part and making them sound slightly naughty. As such, the campaign has gone viral, much like a similar effort earlier during which ladies posted the color of the bra they were wearing on their Facebook pages.

The good thing about all this is, here we are talking and writing about a movement designed to bring awareness to a very important issue. However, some folks have started to suggest that the overtly sexual nature of the campaign cheapens the significance of the cause that inspired it.

"What exactly does provocatively saying where you like to keep your purse have to do with a horrible disease that has challenged millions of lives?" Megan Gibson asked in a story posted on Time.com.

Sassy female-focused website Jezebel encouraged participants to add a little more substance to the "I like it" memes, in the form of a monetary donation toward breast-cancer research. "We'd find it more palatable if each innuendo went beyond the rather vague "awareness" and included a donation — or at least a link — towards material breast cancer research support."

Food for thought, to be sure, and as we mentioned earlier, "like it" or not, it's got us talking.

What do you think of the campaign? Sound off in the comments below!