'Glee' Star Heather Morris Needs Britney Spears Gift Ideas

By James Dinh

After Heather Morris so flawlessly paid homage to Britney Spears on last week's episode of "Glee," the pop princess sent the actress flowers and a thank-you note. Morris told "Access Hollywood" that she was thrilled to receive Brit's present, but now she's having a tough time thinking about what to send in return. We can't blame her. What exactly do you send one of the world's biggest pop stars as a thank-you gift? Morris' own half-hearted suggestion, a mug with their picture on it, sounds OK, but here are a few other ideas:

1. Tickets to the circus: Not only did Spears name her last album Circus, but she also trekked the globe with a tour inspired by the traveling company of performers. We're sure Britney would love tickets to the circus. And of course, we'd obviously purchase three so she could bring along Sean Preston and Jayden James.

2. Lifetime supply of ranch salad dressing: Didn't you know? It tastes delicious on pizza! And now 13.3 million "Glee" viewers are in on this culinary secret.

3. Starbucks gift card: To say that Britney likes coffee would be an understatement. And when you help keep her caffeinated, you may have a hand in speeding along her work on a new album.

4. Madonna's greatest hits: If there's one thing Brit probably loves more than Starbucks, it's Madonna! We're thinking about sending her all of Madge's compilations for her listening pleasure and musical inspiration. Bonus: Madge's "Ray of Light" producer, William Orbit, is rumored to be working on material for Britney's next album.

5. Passes to the salon: As Britney slaves away in the studio, we're sure that she could use a bit of a break and pampering at a nearby salon. Those extensions don't take care of themselves, you know.


What would you give Britney Spears as a thank-you gift? Share your list below.