Jon Stewart Ridicules CNN's Rick Sanchez Over 'Jew-Baiting' Comments

Monday night at 11 p.m. couldn't come soon enough. It'd been days since former CNN personality and Jewish-media-control conspiracy theorist Rick Sanchez unleashed a barrage of mushy-minded commentary on a satellite radio show, and finally "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart — whom Sanchez tagged a "bigot" — was back on the air.

Stewart did not disappoint. Positively gleeful during the show's opening segment, he broke into a few bars of "I'm So Excited," doctored an image of himself to look like a variation on Little Lord Fauntleroy, and rolled in a video package comparing Sanchez's most groan-worthy TV moments to Steve Carell's buffoonery on "The Office."

It was Jon Stewart at his best, alternating between feigned hurt feelings and subtly incisive reasoning, cut through at all times with his trademark, juvenile-meets-grad-school humor. It was hardly a fair fight, to be sure, as even before Sanchez declared TV networks are run by Jews, Stewart had routinely and successfully made the CNN host look silly. This time, though, Stewart was at the top of his game…and he buried the guy, going so far as to patronize Sanchez's pink-slip-worthy comments by calling them "intemperate statements and some banal Jew-baiting."

Higher road, taken. Enjoy!