What Show Should Jennifer Lopez Produce Next?

By James Dinh

Aside from her recently announced "American Idol" gig, the multitalented Jennifer Lopez has recently signed on to produce an ABC comedy about three Latina nannies, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The hour-long sitcom, which will be produced alongside "Friends" writer Alexa Jung, will focus on the trio's point of view as they serve three extended families living in Los Angeles. While MTV News waits for Lopez's show to develop further, we decided to come up with a few sitcom ideas for J.Lo, partially inspired by important themes in her life.


If there's one thing, we've learned about Ms. Lopez, it's that she's all about her culture. We can imagine a sitcom centered on a small Puerto Rican family that moves to white suburbia. Sure, it's a fish-out-of-water cliché, but who doesn't want to see how people deal when they're out of their element? Throw in some friendly yet slightly annoying neighbors, and you've got yourself a small cup of the American melting pot.


From Diddy to Cris Judd and all the gentlemen in between, J.Lo has had her ups and downs when it comes to love. She's already used her relationships to inspire her music (how can we ever forget her Ben Affleck ode "Dear Ben"?), so it would seem fitting to use all that past relationship experience for a TV series. We're picturing a middle-aged woman on her quest for love after a sticky divorce in Los Angeles. With a set of strict parents and legion of city men, our character must learn the ropes of dating again.


Jennifer may be the mother of young twins, but can you imagine what it's going to be like when they're teenagers? We're thinking a comedy through the eyes of two fraternal twins living a "normal" high school life with world-famous singing parents. It's kind of like the semi-real Hannah Montana story with double the trouble and fewer wigs.

What kind of sitcom would you like to see Jennifer Lopez produce? Sound off in the comments below!