What Do Justin Bieber And The Situation Have In Common?

What do Justin Bieber and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino have in common?

An unadulterated hatred for an expansive vocabulary. And I’m right there with them. I mean, why use so many different words when you can express yourself with just one?

For Biebs, it’s about smiling and for The Situation, it’s about, well, the situation.

As a loyal Twitter follower of both Biebs and Situation, their love for these words has rubbed off on me. So much so that it’s even infiltrated my daily life.

Take, for example, this snippet from a recent email to a love interest of mine

“Because when you smile, I smile, we smile. Are you still smiling? Because I’m still smiling. So if you’re still smiling, that means we’re smiling. That makes me smile. And when I smile, you smile.”

And this snippet from an email to a former love interest:

“Situationally speaking, there’s a situation in situation nation because when you mess with The Situation, then I’ve got a situation with that situation. And that’s the situation.”

See? Using just one word to express your every thought is mesmerizing, repetitive, mesmerizing, slightly addictive and mesmerizing. And we all know what that spells, right? A smash hit!

We’ve seen it before. Remember Freak Nasty’s “Da Dip”? It featured 62 mentions of the word “dip.” Remember R. Kelly’s unforgettable “Trapped in the Closet”? It featured 17 mentions of the word “closet.”

When something works, you go with it and that’s why I recommend that Justin Bieber’s next huge collabo be with The Situation. We already know The Situation can rap and we definitely know Bieber likes collaborating with rappers. So why not combine forces, double their lyrical capabilities and create a situation the whole world can smile about (especially those with limited grasps of the English language)?

What do you think about a potential Situation/Bieber collabo? What would their song be called? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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