Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Write ‘History Of Rap’

At this point it just feels like Justin Timberlake is teasing us. Following up on the “SNL” skit last weekend, in which he refused to answer questions about when he’s going to make another album, Timberlake dropped by Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” on Wednesday night to talk up “The Social Network” and ended up providing further proof that one of the great music talents of our time is seriously holding out on us.

After Timberlake gave major props to house band the Roots and Fallon teased the bespectacled singer about his historical knowledge of hip-hop, Justin mentioned that ’NSYNC once asked legendary hip-hop crew the Sugarhill Gang to open up one of the boy band’s shows back in the day. That inspired Fallon to ask the band (spontaneously, of course) to serve up a taste of Sugarhill’s classic “Rapper’s Delight.”

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