'American Idol,' Lady Gaga And Katy Perry's Muppet Fiasco: This Week's Deep Cuts

It has been quite a week here in the MTV Newsroom. We watched Lindsay and Paris in court, sat down with Tony Yayo for a heart-to-heart, argued about the new judges on "American Idol," watched a ton of television and watched a classic indie rock band in the middle of a crazy-ass lightning storm. All that activity has left us sort of run down, which is why it's time to hop into the hot tub and enjoy a little leisure time. You should do the same, but not before you take a stroll through the links below to catch up with anything you might have missed this week.

» "American Idol" has two new judges in Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, who join Randy Jackson as the show's new adjudication trio.

» While people do seem enthusiastic about the new judges, it appears nobody will ever top the show's original three-way of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Jackson.

» Justin Bieber isn't joining the cast of "American Idol," but he was on TV this week. He made his television acting debut in the season premiere of "CSI."

» You know where else Bieber was this week? Hooters!

» "Dancing With the Stars" kicked off this week, though "Jersey Shore" star the Situation stumbled a bit with his cha cha.

» Katy Perry performs on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, though she will not be showing up on "Sesame Street" any time soon.

» Though if you're looking for a pop music star on "Sesame Street," you can check out Grover teaching will.i.am a new dance move.

» "Glee" also returned this week, but we were mostly distracted by Mike O'Malley's work on Nickelodeon's "Guts."

» Just as the news broke that Lady Gaga's VMA meat dress would be turned into jerky, we scored a cool behind-the-scenes picture of the meat in its raw form.

» Speaking of the Video Music Awards, we were reminded that Kanye West and Taylor Swift joined an elite group of artists who have debuted new music at MTV's biggest show.

» We got a great story from a guy who helped fund Vandals drummer Josh Freese's solo album and then got to spend a weekend with the dude.

» Jack Johnson pulled back the curtain on a new music video, which features an awesome brawl between himself and Andy Samberg.

» Jay-Z and Coldplay announced that they will be doing a super-exclusive New Year's Eve show, which adds to Jigga's list of awesome on-stage collaborations.

» Finally, though it's too late to celebrate Bruce Springsteen's birthday, you can still raise a toast to his 1980 album The River.