Justin Bieber Has Dark, Memorable Turn On ‘CSI’

Thursday night (September 23) was downright exquisite for great television. In addition to the season premieres of “30 Rock,” “The Office” and “Fringe,” there were also new thrilling episodes of “Project Runway” and “Jersey Shore” (the latter of which was especially great, as it featured some choice moments care of the Situation). But perhaps the biggest headline coming out of last night’s television schedule was pop sensation Justin Bieber’s guest starring turn on the season premiere of “CSI.” Bieber was very active on the show, taking up a great deal of screen time with the stars of the show and acquitting himself relatively well in his television acting debut.

Bieber played a troubled kid who may or may not have been embroiled in a plot to plant bombs in an effort to extract revenged against the Las Vegas Police Department. The CSIs are left chasing him and his brother, both of whom are suspects and may hold the secrets to cracking the case. Interestingly, he seemed most comfortable with some of the darker, more evil moments of the show. “You’d better hurry,” he threatened to one of the cops during an interrogation scene. “That show at the funeral was just fireworks compared to what’s coming.”

The Bieber character’s story isn’t entirely resolved, leaving the door open for him to return to the show at a later date (he’s currently booked to return during February, right in the middle of sweeps). It remains to be seen where they writers decide to take his character, but for now both fans of “CSI” and fans of Justin Bieber can feel good that yet another Bieber collaboration went off as a smashing success.


What do you think will happen when Justin Bieber’s character returns to “CSI” in February? Let us know in the comments!

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