Is ‘Singles’ The Best ’90s Movie Soundtrack?

Here’s a fact that might not be shocking to close observers of the MTV Newsroom Blog: I have something of a fixation with the music of the 1990s. And I have a particular obsession with the soundtracks of that era, partially because I think the movies are interesting and partially because those soundtracks usually act as delightful little time capsules that express exactly where the zeitgeist was at the time (down to the month, usually). Plus, music was all over the place then, so the beginnings of nu-metal lived next to hippie dippie rock, post-grunge, post-riot grrrl, industrial, dance music and most everything in between (this was especially true of the late ’90s — pre-millennium tension did strange things to people.

With that in mind, I got really excited when I came across Buzzfeed’s list of the top 13 ’90s soundtracks posted today. They touched on many of the best, from the soundtrack to “The Crow” (which featured Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, the Cure, Rage Against the Machine and Pantera), “Can’t Hardly Wait” (starring Third Eye Blind, Missy Elliott, Matthew Sweet, Run-DMC and Guns N’ Roses) and “Empire Records” (Gin Blossoms, Edwyn Collins, Cracker, Better Than Ezra and Evan Dando). There was also a nice nod to “Batman Forever,” which is a terrible movie but had a great batch of songs attached to it (U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,” Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose,” PJ Harvey’s “One Time Too Many” and others).

The Buzzfeed list settled on “Grosse Point Blank” as their favorite, but I am more partial to their second place winner: “Singles.” While the movie has aged somewhat poorly, the soundtrack remains awesome, featuring a great Smashing Pumpkins song, a pair of Pearl Jam classics, some top-shelf Paul Westerberg and Alice in Chains’ “Would?” — one of that band’s finest moments.


What is your favorite ’90s soundtrack? Let us know in the comments!