‘Fringe’ Returns, Bringing Back The Most Metal Show On TV

The new television season is underway, which means that a boatload of new series have debuted alongside the returns of all your old favorites. There is one returning show in particular that has the MTV Newsroom excited, and that is “Fringe” (which launches into its third season tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern). Starring Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble, “Fringe” is a remarkably excellent show, combining elements of procedural drama with a spectacular sci-fi twist and a remarkably solid human element (in this way, it’s the greatest television science fiction series since “The X-Files” — and yes, I’m including “Lost” in that argument).

But it isn’t just the sharp writing, cool effects, rock-solid storytelling, creepy subplots and remarkably well-drawn characters that make “Fringe” one of the best shows on TV. No, it’s a favorite because it is officially the rockingest show on the air at the moment.

Now, “Fringe” doesn’t do this by using actual rock music (in fact, the moody score by Michael Giacchino is one of the show’s many highlights). Rather, it is constructed like an awesome metal song, as there is an alternate universe, frequent bursts of violence, explorations into psychokinesis, lots of recreational drug use, rampant paranoia regarding the government and an obsession with delicious snack foods. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic reality dreamed up by the guys in Mastodon? In fact, the Observer characters on “Fringe” sort of resemble the creepy bald guy from Mastodon’s “Sleeping Giant.” In honor of the return of this truly awesome show, bang your head to “Sleeping Giant” and remember to trust no one.


What do you think is the best sci-fi show on television right now? Let us know in the comments!

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