50 Cent Forms Twitter Account For His Dog, Travels Down The Rabbit Hole

By Jenny McCoy

Dogs are tough work, and in 2010 their demands have only increased. Just ask 50 Cent. In addition to holding down his rap career, he also has to worry about his pooch. Food, water, walks and … Twitter updates?

Yes, today we introduce you to one of Twitter’s newest users and the lady who has stolen our attention one update at a time this afternoon: 50 Cent’s dog, Oprah.

First of all, how incredibly awesome is it that 50 Cent even has a dog named Oprah? But perhaps more importantly, it’s extra amazing that 50 would go out of his way to give his pet a virtual voice. And she’s pretty active, too: In just 24 hours on Twitter, 50’s foul-mouthed pup has already revealed quite a lot to her more than 7,000 followers. To wit:

» She may have a broken leg and her owner is possibly responsible.

» She’d prefer a new owner.

» She’s not keen on doing tricks in exchange for treats.

» She doesn’t enjoy listening to 50’s music at full blast and doubts he’ll make another hit.

» She has been to the vet this morning (documented by two Twitpics).

» She relieved herself both before and after her vet visit.

Everything about these developments is entertaining. The fact that 50 has a dog named Oprah is magical, and the fact that not only does she tweet but she also doesn’t particularly like her owner is a truly amazing meta gag. The possibilities for future updates are endless, but we know 50, err, Oprah, will keep us entertained.

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