OK Go Premiere ‘White Knuckles,’ Save Dogs And Videos In The Process

If there was one thing missing from last week’s 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, it was the presence of OK Go, who made arguably the most talked-about video of the past year with “This Too Shall Pass.” Fully committed to the video form (and still with an exceptional album to promote), the band just unveiled their latest clip (which premiered on Monday’s episode of “Ellen”). It’s called “White Knuckles,” and much like the rest of their videos, it totally rules.

In keeping with OK Go tradition, the clip is shot entirely in one shot (or at least gives the illusion of a single shot). Unlike the “This Too Shall Pass” clip, the camera stays completely still while the band floats in and out of frame with the help of some furry friends. Yes, the band is accompanied by a team of dogs who run around, jump, pull off tricks and do complicated synchronized movements. The band went through four pounds of dog treats a day in order to get their co-stars to play along, and they will continue to help pooches well after the premiere — they’ve teamed with the ASPCA to raise funds for the Rural Rescue Dog Fund.

But back to the video: It features leaping dogs, a very cool ramp trick and an extremely elaborate closing sequence that features all four band members plus a bunch of dogs all working in tandem (it had to have been exhausting to shoot). Also working for it? The song “White Knuckles” happens to be the best Prince song written since about 1987, and it’s one of the many high points on Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (producer Dave Fridmann’s touches are especially evident on its psychedelic funk fuzz). OK Go may not be moving units at the top of the charts, but they’re having a pretty stellar year.

What do you think of OK Go’s new video? Let us know in the comments!

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