‘Glee’ Star Mike O’Malley Remembers His ‘Guts’ Days

I’m not going to lie: I’m super-stoked for the second season of “Glee,” premiering tonight at 8 p.m. Will the show suffer a sophomore slump a la “The O.C.” or will it stay fresh a la … actually, I can’t think of any hit teen show that stayed awesome in season two. (And don’t you dare say “Dawson’s Creek” — those Jack and Abby story lines were a mess.)

But I digress.

I got to cover the “Glee” red carpet a few weeks ago and spoke to most of the cast, including Mike O’Malley. Teenagers might only know Mike as Kurt’s father (or, if you live in the tri-state area, as the guy who is constantly telling you how great Time Warner Cable is), but I know him as the fast-talking host of Nickelodeon’s kids-as-gladiators athletic competition “Guts,” which he helmed in the early ’90s. I devoured it every Saturday night. It was the perfect pre-“Snick” appetizer. (Fun fact: It was also the only televised sports I ever watched regularly.)

Having Mike in my clutches, I had to ask: Does he keep in touch with Mo, his British co-host who looked fab in a Foot Locker uniform and who purred facts and figures from the leaderboard?

“Do I keep in touch? You mean, [were] we in touch this afternoon? Yeah! Break it here! Don’t tell my wife,” the comedic actor joked.

O’Malley then riffed on one of my favorite childhood shows for a well over a minute. I won’t spoil what he said here in this blog. You just need to watch the video and laugh your ass off. Be warned: You’ll never think of the Aggro Crag’s actuators the same way ever again.


What are your favorite “Guts” memories? Would the world implode of Ryan Murphy cast Mo as a potential love interest for Kurt’s dad on “Glee”? Sound off in the comments below!