Jack Johnson’s ‘At Or With Me’ Video: Andy Samberg In His Finest Role

When 2010 finally wraps up, it seems inevitable that Jack Johnson’s excellent album To the Sea will be looked over on year-end best-of lists. That will not be surprising, as Johnson usually just goes about his business moving albums and selling out arenas on his massive tour. He’s a workmanlike entertainer, but that shouldn’t be mistaken for mediocrity. Rather, To the Sea contains some of Johnson’s best songwriting and most adventurous ideas. But since he doesn’t do much to call attention to himself, he doesn’t tend to stick out in the minds of the people, and always ends up being slightly underrated despite moving millions of albums since his debut.

But his just-released video for “At or With Me” should grab him some more high-profile attention, and he has “Saturday Night Live” star and viral video legend Andy Samberg to thank for anything that tumbles his way. In the clip, Samberg (who once played Johnson on “Saturday Night Live” as the host of a program called “The Mellow Show”) plays a cartoonish version of himself, showing up to a Johnson concert to drink too much and heckle the singer’s performance of the song. Eventually, “the mellow guy” (as Samberg dismissively calls Johnson) finally decides he has had too much and lets the fists fly. The second half of the video is made up entirely of the awesome fight between the two, featuring lots of smashed glass, broken furniture and a nod to Michael Jackson’s classic video for “Beat It.”


Nobody plays a jackass like Samberg, and the jerkier version of himself appears to be the part he was born to play. Well, that and the role of Jack Johnson.

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